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Artist Statement
Strokes of paint caressed the rough canvas with every skewed bristle of my brush. Art takes so many forms and there is not one single way to define it. Art serves many purposes -- it helps me describe myself and express my emotions. I don’t think I could categorize my work, because I often do what comes to me in the moment, which usually reflects my feelings. Sometimes, in the middle of the night, I get an impromptu idea for a drawing or object I want to create, and then the next day I bring it to life it in my art class. I have loved art since I was very young and there has not been a single year in school that I haven’t taken an art class. As an artist, I have developed my own personal style that is recognizably mine. My work is spontaneous and emotional and I distort reality to portray my own perception of the world in my art. I incorporate a wide variety of materials in my pieces and combine colors, surfaces, and objects, even those that are not typically used in art. For example, I painted a girl holding onto a balloon that is flying away on a vinyl LP record to capture being carried away by music. My art has stylistic consistency and a common meaning behind it. Art has always been and will always be a part of my life and that is why I could not communicate who I am without some form of art.  

Eye Painting:
Anna's Eyes
14 (x) 36
The eye project was a painting that took up about 7-8 months of my sophomore year. This was painted on my own canvas that I made from scratch. I purposely choose not to blend the different shades of the skin tone, because that is my style. The actual eyes themselves are shaped drawn differently on purpose, however the eyebrows were a mistake that actually fit my stylistic chooses. I often distort reality in my drawings of humans, so I choose not to make her eyes exactly accurate to the picture. This is probably the painting I am most proud of, because I put all my time and effort into it.

Tampon Art:
LeFlur De Femme 
LeFlur De Femme 2
These two pieces were a collaboration with 5 other people. Someone had asked for a Tampon and then we decided to dip it in water and see how it expanded. Eventually we painted on the expanded tampons with red to signify blood, but then also choose different colors. We the smeared the wet painted tampons on the canvas and proceeded to glue the painted tampons to the canvas.

Figure drawings:
Sit still 
18 (x) 24
18 (x) 24
This is a gesture drawing of a girl sitting on a table. She was sitting up straight and I was drawing her from the side. This figure drawing was done with charcoal of different sizes and smearing with my fingers. 

Reading on Chair
18 (x) 24
The figure was sitting on a chair reading a book for her english class. I used charcoal and black paint to make the darker areas and the background. I found it difficult to draw her legs, because they were crossed and hidden under the book. 

Reading Textbook
18 (x) 24
18 (x) 24
I personally believe that this is my best gesture drawing. She was sitting on a chair reading her Chinese textbook for class. Similarly to the last figure, she was wearing her hair in a bun, sitting on the same chair, and reading. Last minuter my teacher suggested I add minor facial details and it truly completed the piece. 

Hanging over the Table
18 (x) 24
I feel like this gesture drawing is my second best figure drawing. This was only done with charcoal. I was really able to get details of his jacket and he was a new model which made it refreshing and almost easier to draw. I attempted to fill the dead space by drawing the table he was sitting on. 

Siting on Stool and Lying on Stomach
18 (x) 24
These two gesture drawings were done with black and colorful charcoal and paint. I decided to distort the first figure and give her orange skin and pink hair. The second figure I drew more accurately, because she was wearing a blue top and blue and white striped shorts. 

Bending Over, Stretching, and Taking on the Phone
18 (x) 24
These three gesture drawings are of my art teacher. All were done with charcoal. In the first pose he was bending over almost in Childs position. The second collection of drawings are him stretching in different positions and I choose to draw them on the same page, because I didn't complete the figure. The last pose is when he had to answer a phone call and it was fun to draw while he talked. 

Drinking Tea
18 (x) 24
This collection of gesture drawing is of the same girl drinking her tea. The first figure is of her physically drinking from the cup and the only part I don't like about this is that I messed up her glasses. The second figure is of her looking down at her cup of tea. The figure was not fully shaded inside the figure.

Sketchbook Work:
6.5 (x) 8
The sketchbook was an assigned project that was inspired by sketchbooks. I made my sketchbook by hand using book binding as my cover and a thinner type of book binding. To old the spine of the book together, I covered it in a crimson red book cover material. I drew a flower on the front to represent me and my association with my name.

First Couple of pages
These are the firs four pages of my handmade sketchbook. The first page is a definition of a Lily flower that is associated with me. The second two pages were down with colored pencil. I drew bugs, because I wanted to incorporate nature. The next pages I drew of a flower done in colored pencil and a quote over top red ombre done with whit and red paint. The new two pages shown is one piece where I covered the pages in black first. Then I spatter white paint with a thing brush and wrote Wild Flower overtop in yellow paint. 

Sunny Nature
In the first page I choose to draw the sun, but similarly to the page with the quote, I also choose to draw the sun in an ombre orange outwards direction. Next page I drew a bunch of flowers with colored pencil and for the stems of the flowers, I used white string I found on the table. 

The first page shown started with just the blue background, but I later decided I wanted to add more, so I drew different sized circles with different colored pencils. The second page come to me in the spur of the moment and I used paint for all of it. 

Striped Collection:
Intersecting Stripes

Thick Stripes

Vinyl Record:
Floating Away
10 (x) 12

Out the Window:


  1. Love your art Lily! The eyes painting really stands out to me visually- your figure drawings display such a specific style, and I love that! Your sketchbook has wonderful texture and color, and the tampon paintings- they are brilliant!

  2. Thank you so much! Yeah I really try to enhance my style with every piece I do.


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