Old Lab. New Lab.

As I am now a senior, I catch myself reflecting on the past more and I think about the fact that I will be leaving lab. More recently though, I have started to remember the old lab and what it use to look like, so I thought I would take pics of places that I distinctly remember as part of the old lab in comparison to how it looks now.

The cabinets left over from the music tower:

Although this is now the high school library, it also used to be a resource room

The judd stairs are the same, but the offices are now classrooms

The transition from Judd to the modern building of Gordon Parks

What used to be an art room, is now the senior lounge

The contrast between the exterior of Judd and the exterior of Gordon parks

My Art Portfolio

Artist Statement Strokes of paint caressed the rough canvas with every skewed bristle of my brush. Art takes so many forms and there is not one single way to define it. Art serves many purposes -- it helps me describe myself and express my emotions. I don’t think I could categorize my work, because I often do what comes to me in the moment, which usually reflects my feelings. Sometimes, in the middle of the night, I get an impromptu idea for a drawing or object I want to create, and then the next day I bring it to life it in my art class. I have loved art since I was very young and there has not been a single year in school that I haven’t taken an art class. As an artist, I have developed my own personal style that is recognizably mine. My work is spontaneous and emotional and I distort reality to portray my own perception of the world in my art. I incorporate a wide variety of materials in my pieces and combine colors, surfaces, and objects, even those that are not typically used in a…

I'm Fine.

This film is about a girl who seems perfectly happy and okay on the outside, but on the inside she is not okay. However instead of admitting defeat, she covers her frustration and sadness. Most often people seem like the happiest, but little do you know that they are not okay.

Women's March

This year was the second women's march and it was pretty powerful. Feminism is for everyone and it's quite awesome to see every regarding their sex, age, religion, height, gender, and etc all come together to fight for something that's right. It's crazy to think that thousands of people attended this march and that so many people feel that we need issues like women's rights to be changed. The smallest things, like marches, make all the difference in the world.

People holding up their signs for the trains passing to see.

Everyone is capable of making the changes we want to see in the world.

Abandoned Houses

Abandoned houses have always fascinated me. So I decided to go on an adventure.

1.This is the abandoned church right next to Salonica. 

2.This is another abandoned church, however it was under construction, so it did't give me the abandoned aesthetic I wanted.  My vision was to show how empty and destroyed these builidings were and how lifeless they were, but with the construction, it gave the church a sense of life. There was an empty McDonalds cup and a few  subway wrappers, which made me picture construction workers eating food during their lunch break which ruined the mood. The fascinating aspect of this site was that you could see really clearly inside the building, and the gate was open, so you could walk up to the church. However the entrances were locked, but I could have easily sneaked in through a hole in the wall.

3.The front of this abandoned house had notice signs all over it. It was easy to get into this house though the back, but this was also a residential area with p…