Abandoned Houses

Abandoned houses have always fascinated me. So I decided to go on an adventure.

1.This is the abandoned church right next to Salonica. 

2. This is another abandoned church, however it was under construction, so it did't give me the abandoned aesthetic I wanted.  My vision was to show how empty and destroyed these builidings were and how lifeless they were, but with the construction, it gave the church a sense of life. There was an empty McDonalds cup and a few  subway wrappers, which made me picture construction workers eating food during their lunch break which ruined the mood. The fascinating aspect of this site was that you could see really clearly inside the building, and the gate was open, so you could walk up to the church. However the entrances were locked, but I could have easily sneaked in through a hole in the wall.

3.The front of this abandoned house had notice signs all over it. It was easy to get into this house though the back, but this was also a residential area with people living in apartment buildings right next to this building. There was a door in the back of this building that was half open and anyone could easily go through, but there was broken glass all over the floor and I was worried that I was going to cut my hands, because I would have t crawl through the door.  This house had burnt done in the 90's and nobody ever decided to work on fixing it up.

4.This was my favorite location and my favorite pictures because you could see into the house through the windows, but right in the middle of the house was a bathtub. Even though the bathtub gave the room life, it was randomly placed in the middle of the room which gave it an abandoned vibe that it had just been left behind. The inside was empty and someone had clearly taken down the previously existing walls. I tried to take a picture through the window with flash, but my flash wasn't working and this location was the most residential, and there were  people walking around.  

5.This was an abandoned hotel or apartment because in the front of the building, there was a curtain and some windex, which we came to the conclusion that his was either an old hotel of apartment. There was a rickety wood ladder that I climbed up to take pictures of the inside. Again I could have easily climbed in, but I was worried either someone would call the police or the a homeless person would come out and attack me. 

6. This was the coolest building because the front of this house was completely intact and looked like a normal house, but from the back, it is completely open and you can see every level of this house.

7.  This last building was another house, and the last picture, the basement was wide open and anyone could walk in. This one scared me because there was a shopping cart with stuff in it and because the basement was wide open, I was worried that a homeless person was living here and would come out and get mad at us.


  1. Love your adventure and the pictures- you're inspiring me to go on an adventure too :)


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