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Abandoned Houses

Abandoned houses have always fascinated me. So I decided to go on an adventure.

1.This is the abandoned church right next to Salonica. 

2.This is another abandoned church, however it was under construction, so it did't give me the abandoned aesthetic I wanted.  My vision was to show how empty and destroyed these builidings were and how lifeless they were, but with the construction, it gave the church a sense of life. There was an empty McDonalds cup and a few  subway wrappers, which made me picture construction workers eating food during their lunch break which ruined the mood. The fascinating aspect of this site was that you could see really clearly inside the building, and the gate was open, so you could walk up to the church. However the entrances were locked, but I could have easily sneaked in through a hole in the wall.

3.The front of this abandoned house had notice signs all over it. It was easy to get into this house though the back, but this was also a residential area with p…