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My Art Portfolio

Artist Statement Strokes of paint caressed the rough canvas with every skewed bristle of my brush. Art takes so many forms and there is not one single way to define it. Art serves many purposes -- it helps me describe myself and express my emotions. I don’t think I could categorize my work, because I often do what comes to me in the moment, which usually reflects my feelings. Sometimes, in the middle of the night, I get an impromptu idea for a drawing or object I want to create, and then the next day I bring it to life it in my art class. I have loved art since I was very young and there has not been a single year in school that I haven’t taken an art class. As an artist, I have developed my own personal style that is recognizably mine. My work is spontaneous and emotional and I distort reality to portray my own perception of the world in my art. I incorporate a wide variety of materials in my pieces and combine colors, surfaces, and objects, even those that are not typically used in a…